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If you don’t know where you stand, it’s difficult to get to where you want to be. At MA 360 Media, we know the lay of the land. Our unique blend of research straddles both digital and traditional, to help give brands a clearer line of sight toward their goals.

MA 360 Media History

Our world is always changing. When you think you’ve got the latest version, it’s time for an upgrade. You share a link, and it’s already old news. You’re tagging, while everyone else is pinning. It’s no wonder brands feel overwhelmed.

At MA 360 Media, we realize if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s change. We also realize that if you can master this change, the opportunities are limitless. In a nutshell, that’s what we do. We’ll help you find your footing in a sea of constant, disruptive change and evolve how you connect with people in the digital age.

You see, we’re an inquisitive bunch, focused on understanding the world around us, and how people connect with it. It’s this curiosity that helps us see what’s next, letting our clients be the first to take advantage of the new opportunities that are emerging all around them. Adapting isn’t about staying in one place, it’s about moving forward. Let’s move.

MA 360 Media philosophy

At MA 360 Media our philosophy is also considered our planning process or relationship Media. The idea of building deeper relationships between consumers and brands; creating more valued communications for businesses and consumers resonates deep within our culture of client services.

MA 360 Media entertainment clients

1. Live Nation
3. Shaquille O’Neal Presents
4. ALW Entertainment
5. North American Entertainment
6. Outsold Promotions
7. Bay Area Productions
8. Twilight Productions
9. Bill Picket Rodeo
10. Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
11. Tyler Perry Touring Productions
12. Lolita Snips Productions
13. The Elliott Group
14. Wade Ford

MA 360 Media media company clients

15. Momentum-New York

MA 360 Media beauty industry clients

16. Bronner Brothers International
17. Razac Products

MA 360 Media non profit clients

18. Kinfolks Foundation
19. Atlanta Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation
20. International Arts Foundation

MA 360 Media faith base organization clients

21. T.D. Jakes Enterprises
22. The Faith Center International
23. St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church

MA 360 Media film & television clients

24. King Management
25. Princess Films
26. New Breed Films Works
27. Paramount Pictures

MA 360 Media client venues

28. Wolfcreek Amphitheater
29. Woodruff Arts Center
30. The Fox Theatre

MA 360 Media government client

31. Fulton County Government
32. City of Riverdale cultural Affairs
33. City of Atlanta Cultural Affairs

MA 360 Media spirits company client

34. Jack Hilliard Distribution
35. International Spirits, LLC

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Some Of Our Work

This is a selection of some of our outstanding work from around the MA 360 Media network. We help our clients to get the best from today’s increasingly complex and confusing communications landscape, making it digestible, practical and actionable.


We make targeting and channel integration simpler and more profitable by leveraging strategy, analytics and creativity.

    • Concept
    • Logo Design
    • Web Design
    • SEO Strategy

    We treat every piece of work as a new challenge, and break it down to produce something that is innovative, strategically sound and fun.

    • Brand Development
    • Market Strategy
    • Specialized Events
    • Research
    Digital Marketing

    As a full service SEO agency, we apply the latest methodologies, techniques and strategies to move you to the top of the organic listings.

    • Finding Audiences
    • Optimizing Performance
    • Measuring Results
    • Sophisticated Measurement
    Media Planning/Buying

    Last we checked, people don’t consume media in silos, which is exactly why we don’t plan in them.

    • Concept
    • Design
    • Modeling
    • Research
    Direct Marketing

    We optimize your ROI and support your efforts by continuously monitoring paid search results by keywords, geography and other factors.

    • Concept
    • Design
    • Facility
    • Research
    Event Marketing

    Push beyond pixels. Once we’ve got a solid strategy in place, our creative and technology teams work together to help it come to life.

    • Project Management
    • Brain Storming
    • Concept Approaches
    • A/B Testing

    You have to understand behavior before you can predict action.

MA 360 Media Skills







MA 360 Media Clients

If you like ordinary, MA 360 Media is not for you If "beyond comfort" thrills you, if "expanding possible" attracts, then we will do our best work for you. If we feel your path is this way, you'll do it because we'll provoke you, challenge you and unashamedly ask you for more. More passion! More heart! We believe there are no limits for imagination and wonder. And it's only when we explore the unknown that we can truly thrive. We are passionate about helping our clients thrive collectively and individually. We'll reach out and help you explore too! But you can't be affraid to journey the uncharted because that's where ideas flourish. It's where people and brands grow. You owe it to yourself. It's the MA 360 Media way.

Concert Promoting

At the crossroads of event promoting and creativity, you’ll find us - an agency populated by a special combination of big thinkers and skilled marketers born and bred for the digital age. We generate ideas and strategies driven by consumer insight and amplified through an unparalleled mastery of technology. And we do this every day for some of the nations most thrilling bands.

Concert Promoting
Event Promotion / Marketing Integration

We generate ideas that connect, create and fuel conversations. We do this by taking an integrated approach to everything we do. Because here, there’s no room for silos. When we think big, we think as a team - filtering ideas across all in-house experts and talent, not just those with “creative” in their title. This provides us with a hothouse for industry bred big ideas that push our clients’ businesses, brands and reputations to the max.

Email Marketing

We are obsessed with simplifying the complex. We thrive on innovative, groundbreaking ideas. Like the best entrepreneurs, we employ a fail-fast attitude. We’re always trying new things, and if they don’t work, quickly coming up with a new idea.

Email Marketing
Development / Design / Integration

Our MA 360 Media Compass framework helps email marketers effortlessly bridge the gap from insight to action, revealing useful information like brand health, competitor activity and growth opportunities. The brand compass reveals online consumer perception against a map of your unique brand attributes. This not only tells you where your brand is, but where your brand should go.

Event Marketing

To successfully navigate the ever-changing world of consumer perceptions, it helps to understand the landscape.

Development / Integration

They say the Internet is the world’s largest focus group. We happen to agree. Social listening, coupled with our search informed research, allows us to tap into what the digital world is thinking. This gives a better understanding of cultural trends, the competitive landscape and how consumers perceive your brand in real-time. With ongoing listening, we observe real-time changes in these key areas to quickly identify challenges and uncover new opportunities when presenting themes to the public.

MA 360 Media Client Testimonials

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